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Svenska Baseboll- Softboll- & Lacrosseförbundet
Svenska Baseboll- Softboll- & Lacrosseförbundet

We are hiring - a softball coach

The highschool in Leksand has a program for baseball and softball students. It is a national sports program that has support from the national sports federation.

We call our baseball and softball program the Swedish Academy and our students come from all over Sweden to attend high school and get an opportunity to combine that with training and development within their sport. It has been part of the high school in Leksand for 10
years and the sport is firmly established in the municipality of Leksand.


We are looking for a person that has a great passion for softball and want to develop players towards their future as high preformance athlets. You have experience of softball and / or baseball as a player or coach. Different courses, certifications and training within sofball or baseball, other coaches/trainers courses and/ or fitness and conditing educations would be an advantage.

You are intrested and involved in the students´ development and choose methods and techniques that pedagogically best serve each students´ development towards reaching the different charachters and goals in accordance with their courseplan.

Read more in this pdf-file Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster.

Read the swedish version here Länk till annan webbplats.

Publicerad: 2016-10-11

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